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Version 2 of the Zanorg radio, with more options.

Click here to download the Zip file (right click, save target as)


Installation :

- Unzip file "radiov2.zip " on your hard drive.

- On your web server, create a folder called "radio" (or the name you want), and in this folder, create a subfolder called "mp3".

- In this "radio/mp3" folder on the ftp, upload your mp3 files.

(Optional part)

- While uploading, on your hard drive, edit the file "radioconfig.php" with a editing software like windows notepad.
Change the colors you want in hexadecimal, thanks to this program :

Options available :

boutonOFF : color of buttons
boutonON : color of buttons on roll over
couleurbarre : color of the loading bar and volume
couleurtexte : color of the title, time, and icons
listefond : color of the playlist (roll over to see change)
volume : volume at start
Fond gris : display top grey background or not
Autoplay : Play music automatically at start
Random start : Play radio in random at start
Liste : Show playlist at start or not.

Once you're done , copy the content of the box on the right, and paste it in the file "radioconfig.php", by replacing the existing values .


- If you want, you can put as many background as you want. For this, always in the file "radioconfig.php", modify the value:

$fonds = array("fondradio1.jpg");


$fonds = array("fondradio1.jpg","picture.jpg","animation.swf","myself.jpg");

You can put as many background as you want , with the name of your choice.
You can also put Flash SWF animation files, which will be played at 30 fps.

(end of optional part)


- Once finished, upload the files "index.htm", "radiozanorg.swf", "radioconfig.php" and "fondradio1.jpg" (and also the others backgrounds if you have) in your folder "radio" (or the name you gave).

- Your radio is ready ! You can listen to it by going to www.yoursite.com/radio



Tip :

- To open this radio in popup, in the source code of your blog / website, juste before the </HEAD> tag, copy and paste this :

<SCRIPT language=javascript>
function popup(page,nom,option) {
window.open(page,nom,option); }

And, in the same source code , where you want to open the radio, just paste this :

<a href="javascript:popup('http://www.yoursite.com/radio','','width=280,
height=320,scrollbars=no,resizable=no');">Listen to the Radio</a>



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