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Zanorg Player, put a single mp3 file on your website or blog.

Click here to download the Zanorg Player (right click, save as)


Installation :

- Place the downloaded file "zplayer.swf" on your website, where you want to put
it in your page.

- To insert the Zanorg player in your page, use the following code,
or create your custom code with the generator.


<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="zplayer.swf?mp3=file.mp3" width="200" height="20"/>
<param name="movie" value="zplayer.swf?mp3=file.mp3" />

- Modify "file.mp3" with the url of your mp3 file
(ex : http://www.yourdomain.com/file.mp3 or /music/music1.mp3 )

- The player is ready !

Options :

- Modify player's colors with values c1, c2, c3 (hexadecimal values)

- Put a default volume at starting with vol (0 to 100)

- Start the song directly with the value autoplay (0 or 1)

- Allow people to download directly your mp3 file with value down
(disabled by defaut, 0 or 1)


Tip : once you're satisfied with colors of your player,
save the corresponding code in a text file for a next use.



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